Welcome to SCIE Programmers' forum

  • Feel free to discuss anything related to computer science in the forum.

    The forum now is divided into three major sections:

    1. Astar.wiki

    Here we'll share the revision notes for both IGCSE & A-Level Computer science written by students with top grades each year.
    Note: only qualified journalists can edit and publish new post. Normal user can only replay

    2. Creativity

    This is a place for you to share the work you've done, e.g. Past Paper Crawler or some mini-programs you created. You can also view other people's work and provide feedback for them to improve their product.
    Note: everyone can made some contributions!

    3. Learn Computer Science

    Feel free to share some of your leaning experience in the forum. It can be some useful tips in programming, some packages' usage, tutorial / book recommendation, or something else you want to share.
    Note: everyone can made some contributions!

    Have fun!

    If you want to have a board overview about us before exploring our forum, visit our home page SCIE.PRO.

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