For beginners

  • Some useful websites to start

    Tutorial website

    1. 菜鸟教程
      There is rich information on this website that is really useful for the beginners, you can find introductions for all commonly used languages here.
    2. Official documentation
      Learn to use it! The official documentation explain every built-in functions, including the parameters required, and general description of the usage.

    What if I still have many questions?

    Search for the answer in you search engine!
    Here are several places where many users like to share their learning experience and you probably can find the answer.

    1. CSDN
      This is a big forum created for programmers - many of the posts are useful and there are written in Chinese
    2. Stack Overflow
      This is similar forum, but most of the users are foreigners.
    3. SCIE.PRO
      Don't forget us! You can ask any questions in the Q&A sections. Every user in the forum will try help you.

    Gook luck!

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