Past Paper Crawler - Python Version

  • Important Update

    Newest Mac Version: 1.4.0 [Fit the newest web structure of GCE Guide]
    Download address: password: 3ri5
    Newest Windows Version: 1.3.3 [Not functionable]
    Download address: password: hr5q

    Operating System Required

    1. Windows 10
    2. macOS

    Main Function

    Similar to Past Paper Crawler Created by Raymond Wu

    1. Bulk download of past paper from GCE Guide

    2. Use filter to select past paper based on your requirement.

    3. Switch between individual file mode and pairing mode, using filter to find examiner report, grade threshold, and specimen paper easily.

    4. Set in the Preference to select your default download path and default level.

    5. Automatically Cache the subject you have browsed to boost the speed next time.

    6. Progress bar presents to show current progress. You can cancel the download at anytime you want. (The app may need a few seconds to response.)

    7. Failed retry - automatically remind you to download the paper that are not downloaded properly due to Internet issue.

    Source code

    Source code is available on GitHub. Feel free to play with them.

    Building Teams


    • Team Leader.
    • Responsible for the GUI section and paper filter.
    • Currently maintaining the project


    • Responsible for the multitasking download section.


    • Responsible for the crawler section.


    • Responsible for designing the GUI.

    Special Thanks

    Raymond Wu - creating the first PPC in swift version and providing suggestions for some technical issues

    Andy Zhou - involving in all beta version test for win and providing a high-speed download channel on his own server.

    Bug report

    If you find any bugs, just post it here!

  • Windows 打包文件之前出现了一点小问题,打开后会自动弹出命令行,此问题已修复,可以重新下载一下。

  • Mac 版本暂时不支持深色模式,字体颜色不会自动反转。

  • PPC错误重现

    1. After compiling, the program can be executed
    2. Compress and decompress. Execute new file.
    3. Warning: "Cannot open the file because unable to verify security."
    4. Manually click open. Can normally open.
    5. Select level. Cannot pull down subjects.

    Tried re-compile entire program. Retried steps 1-2.
    No warning shown in step 3. Can successfully execute.
    Cannot re-produce error anymore.

  • This post is deleted!

  • @John-Liu 问题已修复

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